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Volume 14, Number 1:


Supporting Every Child: School Counselors’ Perceptions of Juvenile Sex Offenders in Schools

Leann Wyrick Morgan and Levi S. McClendon, University of Texas at Tyler, Jenna McCarty, University of Colorado – Colorado Springs, and Kirk Zinck, University of Texas at Tyler



Researchers explored the attitudes and concerns of professional school counselors in their roles in working with juvenile sex offenders (JSOs) who attend school. Little empirical data exist regarding school counselors’ roles in effectively engaging and supporting JSOs toward school success. Focus groups contributed to the consensual qualitative research (CQR) methodology, providing a framework for investigating concerns, experiences, attitudes, and beliefs related to juvenile sex offenders and school climate. The authors present findings of five systematic themes and the implications for school counselor best practice.



Morgan, L. W., McClendon, L. S., McCarty, J., & Zinck, K. (2016). Supporting every child: School counselors’ perceptions of juvenile sex offenders in schools. Journal of School Counseling, 14(1). Retrieved from


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